Caring for someone with Huntington’s disease (HD) is a big task—one that takes courage and strength. See what others have to say about caring for someone with HD, while also still paying attention to their own needs. Be sure to check with a doctor before putting these tips into action.


Becoming a caregiver is a big undertaking that comes with its own rewards.

Smaller Talk

In the late stages of HD, both speaking and listening can become difficult. Speech and language therapists can help provide the care your loved one needs.
Learn about other HD specialists.


Facing the enormous challenges of Huntington's can also bring families together.

Blaze a Path

Getting around furniture can get challenging for people with HD. An occupational therapist can help enhance your home's safety.
Connect with an OT at a specialized center near you.


Supporting a loved one with HD can be as simple as just always being there for them.

Take a Break

It can be hard not to take outbursts personally.
If you need help, there is support available.


When caring for someone with HD, it's also important to make yourself a priority.

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Talking About Huntington’s Together

Find out how to start a conversation about the disease and possible life changes.
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You Are Not Alone

A support group could connect you with others who understand what you are going through.
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Disability and Financial Planning

Planning for the future financially is essential for people who have HD and can no longer work.
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Join the Fight

Help make a difference in the HD community by volunteering.